• Fixing a Buggy Board

    At the flea market, we bought a buggy board for our stroller. The buggy board looked well-preserved, except for a few signs of wear. However, maneuvering with the board wasn’t very easy, as the steering axles of the board were somewhat stiff.

  • Retrospect: Photobooth Project

    A few years ago, I embarked on a Photobooth project. I describe it as ‘started’ because, while it is operational, it’s not yet complete. The ideas and roadmap for the project are available in the GitHub repository. I plan to add features periodically.

  • Teardown: Inexpensive Children Camera

    I recently purchased several inexpensive children’s cameras on AliExpress. These cameras are available from various shops, priced between 4 to 15€. I ordered four samples from different sellers, noticing slight variations in build quality and firmware. These variations were evident through different button layouts and the presence of missing or malfunctioning features.

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